April 20, 2018
Loma V
How easy it is to make money with stuff we don’t need anymore!
April 20, 2018
Kelly F
The money I get back honestly.
April 16, 2018
Janet H
Getting rid of all my stuff in one swoop and getting paid for it!
April 12, 2018
Amanda G
"I like to give people a chance to earn their money back, instead of putting it into big retailers. I wish that drop off days were NOT during the week. I feel that if drop off was on a Sunday many more people would participate. "
April 12, 2018
Jamie P
"This was my 4th time consigning. I finally learned to keep my clothes organized throughout the year and it became easier and less time consuming to tag, which made the sales more worth it! It’s so fun to watch your sales over the weekend. The process is easy and I love that you can donate your clothes after. I have yet to volunteer, but would love to someday. I just love the whole idea of it. It’s very well organized. "
April 12, 2018
Vikki P
I like making money selling items.
April 12, 2018
Ashlee K
It's a great event on so many fronts.
April 12, 2018
Gina G
"I love decluttering my house, also cool that they offer a person to tag all your items for you, and getting a check also. "
April 12, 2018
Monique G
Just awesome!!
April 12, 2018
Kasey D
Easy consignor tools and instructions. Great support. Very organized. Of course love the money and the “reduce reuse” philosophy that comes with buying/selling used items.
April 12, 2018
Samantha A
"Everything! I love consigning (even though tagging is a lot of work!) because it’s always nice to make extra cash! I love shopping because who doesn’t love a great deal? And I love working at the sale because I am a stay at home mom of 2 little kids and it gives me the opportunity to be out on my own for a few hours while doing something helpful for others. "
April 12, 2018
Lovinia C
Great deals and making money!
April 12, 2018
Bethany G
I have been able to save so much on clothing and shoes for my kids. It’s also nice to be able to sell off our old stuff without the hassle. The organizers make you feel like family and the volunteers are so friendly. This last sale was my first volunteering and I had a great experience!
April 12, 2018
Amanda B
well coordinated and organized. simple and straight forward
April 12, 2018
Rochelle K
"I like that it's easy to use the online system, from registering to making tags to checking what items have sold. "
April 12, 2018
Nancy L
I essentially trade within my community -- sort of like a closed circle -- and I like not having to buy everything I use as brand new -- used is fine for so many things.
April 12, 2018
Elysia D
Instructions are clear. Very organized for such a large event.
April 11, 2018
Julya R
"Every step is easy and easy to understand, from drop-off to pick-up. Jennifer is quick to respond to messages and always very helpful. I also like to work the shifts, it gets me out the house for a bit, I always meet nice people, and it's fun in a weird way, lol. And I make some extra cash for selling my stuff!! "
April 09, 2018
Robin H
"Great organization throughout the event. Drop off goes smoothly, volunteering is fun, break down and pick up also well organized."
April 09, 2018
Emily T
"I love getting good deals on quality clothing. And finding fun toys and other things for my kids all in one place. I wish there was a way to separate designer/high end brands. I know not everyone feels this way, but I am not at all interested in purchasing used walmart (for example) clothing. I am however, very interested in boutique brands, even if the clothing is in play condition. If there was some way to have a different colored tag, a different area, a notation on the tag etc, I would LOVE it! I also feel like there is a market for higher end brands of clothing to be sold in play condition. I would be happy to buy a tee shirt with a small stain if it's Boden, Ralph Lauren, etc. I don't want to buy anything with a giant spaghetti stain for example, I don't think that's ever ok. But we are buying used clothing. I don't expect perfect condition and I think it's pretty unrealistic to expect that, especially in the bigger sizes. I know that it might be hard to regulate that and what is great condition to one person might be different for another, but I think that is already an issue. Maybe some sort of check box on the tag for items considered ""play"". Thank you for all you do for these events! Your hard work does not go unnoticed! "
April 08, 2018
Cathy C
"The main thing I like is reusing kid's stuff at a reasonable price. So much of what we buy kids is over priced, and they are done with it (toys and clothes) before its lifespan is over. It is nice to see stuff with life live on"
April 06, 2018
Susanne S
"The deals, the section, selling items that are still very usable, the money and definitely the friendships."
April 06, 2018
Patricia R
I like earning cash for consigning my items as well as finding good deals too. It's a win-win. !!
April 06, 2018
Christine P
I like the way that we are treated by Jennifer and Matt and everyone that is helping. They are very appreciative of our help. The environment is very positive and the tasks that we are given are well communicated. Also I Love the added percentage that we receive on our sales! For me the added percentage helps out a lot and I am selling through JBF to make money so the extra dollars are very much appreciated.
April 06, 2018
Sarah O
We can get so much great stuff for an amazing price! I have shared this events with many friends.
April 06, 2018
Becky G
"Saving money on new clothes and kid stuff for my kids and making money on their outgrown items. I enjoy volunteering, everyone is in a great mood."
April 05, 2018
Katrina C
April 05, 2018
Miriam t
I like getting my money back!
April 05, 2018
Laura G
"The valet option has been so helpful, and allows me to still participate. "
April 05, 2018
Sarina F
The staff is always super helpful
April 05, 2018
Deborah M
Easy. Everyone is nice and friendly. Like to be part of the community and share clothes/toys/books...and to get a little cash back.
April 05, 2018
Allison G
So many great things to buy!
April 05, 2018
Amber Y
"Well organized, great items for good prices. "
April 05, 2018
Jennifer C
It’s well organized. And an immediate reward for getting rid of things you don’t use. WIN-WIN!
April 05, 2018
Carrie B
Very organized and great prices.
April 05, 2018
Mia B
"The good deals, friendly staff, and friendships that I've made."
April 05, 2018
Christina S
Shopping and selling. Not having to so much money on new clothes for my kids. My kids are in baseball and I was able to buy shoes and a bag.
April 05, 2018
Kara B
It’s a pleasant atmosphere. Everyone there is super nice!
April 05, 2018
Crystal T
I enjoy being able to find my son toys and clothes that are still like new without the hefty price tag. Kids outgrown stuff so fast so it really is great to be able to get him stuff at a better price.
April 05, 2018
Margot G
April 05, 2018
Amanda O
I love the selection and amazing founders and team
April 05, 2018
Bobby S
I love that I can purge the items I have at home and like upgrade to toys my toddler loves for way less than buying brand new toys.
April 05, 2018
Anailya W
The great feeling of touching so many lives
April 05, 2018
Annette R
"It has a feeling of community during the sales. It is a wonderful way to pass on lightly used, in good condition, toys and children's clothing to families who will enjoy them again. "
April 05, 2018
Nuria P
The organization is impeccable!
April 05, 2018
Kim V
It’s a big event basically getting ride of clutter
April 05, 2018
Jennifer D
"I get to sell my kids' outgrown clothes, and find new or gently used clothes in their size. The sale "
April 05, 2018
Margaret H
"all of the email updates and outreach made it so easy for a first time seller, like me! "
April 05, 2018
Dana H
I have been a part of this great sale for a little over 2 years now and it seems to get better and better each time. Jenn and Matt are always coming up with new great ideas to make the JBF sale bigger and better then the last. It's also nice to get rid of small clothes and toys that the kids don't play with anymore. And the extra cash is definitely the best bonus.
April 05, 2018
Susan J
I like being able to get money for clothes that the kids have outgrown versus giving them away


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