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There are two steps to start your consignor journey!

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How-to Videos

Helpful videos with tips for tagging clothes, shoes, books, and everything else!

Pricing Guide

From boutique items to every-day brands, here's a guide to help you along.

Tagging Supplies

Card stock, safety pins, hangers. Here's an easy button to order supplies!

Helpful Links for Tagging

Car Seat Waiver

If you are selling a car seat, please fill out this waiver and bring it to drop off.

Crib Checklist

If you are selling a crib, please fill out this checklist and bring it to drop off.

Sale Info

Here are the details for our upcoming event!

Sale Schedule

See all the details: Drop Off, Presales, Public Sale, and Pick Up

Schedule Drop Off

Schedule Drop Off / Pick Up times and choose presale shopping time

Floor Plan

Where do things go? Where are all the bargains? Check out the floor plan!

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Guides and Groups

Mom and grandmother stand together, a few pieces of clothing in grandmom's hands, as they shop together for their family.

This guide will help you know what to consign 

at the upcoming sale. 

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A women in a yellow sweater holds clothes on hangers in both hands. She is smiling.

Download our Safety Guide for required waivers and the latest recall & safety information. 

An employee is shopping with her daughter and is smiling towards the camera surrounded by handing clothes.

Join our Facebook Group to ask questions and get tips from other consignors just like you!

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Consignor Step-by-Step:

Ready to start consigning? Follow these steps! Need more help? Join our Facebook CONSIGNOR group where you can find lots of helpful tips, tricks and a whole community of other savvy consignors.

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Two friends are standing in the infant clothes aisle with some infants clothes on hangers in their hands. They are both smiling and laughing.

1. Create a tagging account

2. Complete your Consignor Registration

3. Prepare & tag your items

4. Mark important times on your calendar

5. Donating Unsold items? 

Preparing your items

Watch the following videos to see how to prepare all of your items.

Tagging Supplies

Tagging Clothing

Tagging Shoes

Tagging Large Items

Tagging Books & More

Tagging Toys

Tagging Bedding

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